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We live in the age of digital transformation. Every organization has to evaluate how to best utilize emerging technologies to stay competitive and get results. Whether you’re considering X-Reality, Industrial Internet or Machine Intelligence - we’re ready to help you!

Sciar brings digital transformation to Research & Development Laboratories across all industries through our holistic Laboratory Management System. Scroll down to find out how!

Deciding on a new digital strategy can be troubling and seem daunting at times. Gladly you’re traveling with us. We will help you every step on the way until your organization can fully benefit the latest digital technologies. We always offer our products as a full turn-key service.

Sciar Co-Pilot

Our Augmented Reality application makes it easy and enjoyable to follow procedures and it documents the work automatically so you can save hours per day for needless writing. The system keeps track of your work and makes sure that steps are done correctly.

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Vuzix M300XL with a projection of sciar's augmented reality (ar) application for smartglasses.
Image of a laptop with secure hybrid cloud platform for Life Science research & development to allow easy access to automatic documentation

Easy Workflow Management

Our cloud solutions can make process management simple and effortless while keeping you safe. With our partners, we can also guarantee the security and integrity of your data. For extreme security and privacy needs, we can also provide on-premise Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

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The Team

Our committed team is ready to carry the weight of the challenges our clients might face. The Sciar team, with its interdisciplinary backgrounds, is able to find the best solutions for your company’s needs.

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Sciar Co-Pilot can benefit:

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Industrial Quality Assurance

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Pharmaceutical Research & Development

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Bio-Scientific Laboratories

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Food Industry Processes

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Breweries And Distilleries

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Chemical Industry

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Sciar Gemini Project

During the years 1961-1966 NASA conducted a space program named Project Gemini. Its mission was to ultimately lead the way for Apollo missions that would take the first human to the surface of the Moon.

Our team’s goal is to rethink the Life Science industry and Laboratory Work - one might call it our moonshot. And now it’s a great opportunity to join our journey of fast pace development and some of the coolest technologies in the field. SciAR’s Project Gemini is open for everyone who wants to be in the front row of this revolution for Life Science 4.0. We look for inspired minds and forerunners to test our solutions in their laboratories. We offer membership for Project Gemini with various price ranges so get in touch to learn more. It doesn’t matter if you’re one man’s science mission or a life science industry giant.

All the companies and research groups participating in Project Gemini will be offered early adopter offers after the official product launch later this year! We have only limited number of seats for this space mission so get in touch ASAP by clicking the contact button below. Welcome to our team!

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