Augmented Reality

Sciar’s Augmented Reality Guide helps even the newest member of your staff to perform to your standards, work the most efficient way and find the reagents and samples.

Step by step instructions are nearly impossible to skip and the camera on the device makes it easy to take notes and read machine-readable text and numbers to save for the documentation.

The AR headsets can also be used for remote guidance where instructions can be drawn directly onto the worker’s field of vision.

Symbol demonstrating our Ar or augmented reality application
Symbol demonstrating our Automatic Documentation and Dashboard

Automatic Documentation
& Dashboard

The combination of the headset camera, machine intelligence and our digital models for your processes makes it possible to generate automatic, detailed and comprehensive documentation that makes replication easy with Sciar software.

Sciar’s Holistic Laboratory Management System shows you a dashboard of all your projects and they become easy to manage on our Web User Interface. Head of Laboratory can also easily track reagent consumption, the progress of different projects and free resources

Sciar Vault

Once our system generates automatic documentation, it is clear that you want the best place to store it. That place is Sciar Vault. Our cloud-based home for all your research data is protected from cybersecurity attacks and data loss.

The product features also prevent any data from being altered afterward without it leaving an audit trail and the original data is securely stored. Inside your vault, you can access your data and analyze it. An easy way to gain insight into your research and business operations.

A symbol demonstrating the Sciar Cloud Service also known as Sciar Vault
A symbol demonstrating the artificial intelligence to be added on cloud services and augmented reality application

Artificial Intelligence

Our system gets to know you. It becomes your personal assistant and it can help you more than you know. We could even go as far as to say it becomes your friend. It can give you insight into your work and results.

Reagent & Sample management

A lot of time can be wasted when searching for the correct sample or a reagent that a colleague has moved. Sometimes a reagent can be forgotten at room temperature after the experiment. The labels on different containers can be unclear or have only partial information.

These are problems that Sciar’s Sample & Reagent Manager can remove from your laboratory. Each sample gets a sticker when used in the workflow and its unique ID contains all the information such as the date the reagent was first opened and all the processes it was used in. It can also guide you to the correct freezer and correct box containing the sample. This can be especially useful with new employees!

Symbol demonstrating the sample and reagent identification.

When you want to learn more about Sciar services, book a free demo by contacting us and we can begin our journey together towards your Future Laboratory.

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