“As a Commanding Officer of the SciAR team I believe every team can achieve the goal with good communication and leadership. It is my job to make sure we’re performing the best possible way and that we achieve those goals in schedule.”

Joel Noutere, CEO & Co-founder

Joel Studies Molecular Biosciences at University of Helsinki and has previously also studied Physics. Joel is also enthusiastic Finnish Defence Forces Reservist on his free time.


+358 45 12 77 301


“As a Former Airline pilot for 20 years I have personally witnessed how introducing Standard Operating Procedures changed the airline industry – now I’m about to do the same for pharmaceutical industry and research as executive officer at SciAR.”

Kristian Alaviuhkola, COO & Co-founder

Kristian is studying Molecular Biosciences at University of Helsinki. Previously Kristian operated as an airline pilot and instructor for 20 years. When not at the office Kristian loves to spend time with his family.



“Being part of a starting business reflects the kind of life I enjoy: at times it is hectic and moving forward at top speed, while on the other hand, you should be able to take a deep breath and really put your mind into what you are doing”

Felix Erkinheimo, CBO & Co-founder

Felix is studying Neurosciences in University of Helsinki. On his spare time he likes to fix his bike or sail the coast of Helsinki.

Head Of Design

“As a designer in Sciar I can utilise the best of my abilities, by creating fascinating and beautiful things, keeping the functionality firmly in mind.”

Pietari Noutere, Head Of Design

Pietari is an industrial design graduate from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. On his free time his avocations vary from coding to playing guitar in a band.


"I've always been eager to build something that matters. I'm daring to try out new technologies but also to learn from the past."

Janne Laukkanen, Commanding Technology Officer

Janne has a Master's degree in computer science. His main interests outside of work include running (especially in trails), diving and reading.

Content Developer

“I find working with Mixed Reality intriguing. Bringing 3D objects to life, using the newest technologies and being part of challenging projects has been working as a really promising take-off for my career. I’m learning something new everyday in the field and nothing can beat that!”

Eetu Heikkinen, Content Developer

Eetu is also an Industrial Design graduate from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and when he’s not working you might find him shooting pool anywhere where there’s a pool table nearby.

Software Developer

“I joined Sciar to find and solve new interesting challenges. While I need some time away from work I like to take long walks with my dog, Saida”

Kimmo Kulmala, Software Developer

Kimmo has M.Sc of physics in Helsinki University and we have witnessed his great abilities in software engineering as well in electrical engineering.

Software Developer

“I love learning new things and taking on new challenges, and joining Sciar has offered me both. It's great to work with modern & innovative technology in a chill and motivating environment!”

Nhung Nguyen, Software Developer

Nhung has an International Business bachelor degree in Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Besides working, she likes playing badminton and online games, especially League of Legends.

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